Every once in a while McDonald’s becomes the biggest book distributor in the country.  Instead of doling out toys with their Happy Meals they give out books.  This I commend them for, the more books that can end up in the hands of children, the better.  As a parent, I actively try to nurture my children’s reading habits.  I wish they loved to read as much as their dad, but you can’t force people to love something, they have to get there on their own.  But you can try to build a fostering environment of success, and I do so by surrounding them with books, encouraging them to read, and also demonstrating good behavior by reading voraciously myself.

It is said that during the National Literacy Month McDonald’s will distribute close to 20 million books, that’s quite an achievement.  Their partnership with Reading is Fundamental (RIF) and HarperCollins Children’s Books is a good example of what can happen if entities come together for a good cause.


What we got with our Happy Meals

And while parents might be loving books in their children’s Happy Meals, the children might be less enthusiastic about getting books instead of toys, but that’s also an important teaching moment, that you can’t always get what you want, and sometimes unwanted things become the most cherished treasures.  Until next time, read on!


One thought on “I’m Loving It… But probably not the kids

  1. I have several books from Chick-Fil-A from years ago STILL on my shelves. My grandma would always go to CFA and get a kid’s meal to save the “toys” for us. I loved them. Unfortunately, the company that was partnered with them split ties with them a few years ago, and now they’ve got educational toys instead. The kids under the age of three still get board books, though, and some parents actually prefer those to the other toys for their kids.

    If this McDonald’s stuff is true, I’m going to have to go get myself a kid’s meal and get the books.

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