If you are like me you love to read and buy books.  Though I love public and private libraries, there’s nothing like owning a book, having it in your possession or vicinity.  Ordinary people will never understand the satisfaction of a well-stocked home with endless rows of filled bookshelves.  Of course, you will get the contrarian “will you ever read all these books?  Why do you even have so many?”  That’s not the point, the mere knowledge that you can pick up any one of those books at any time and read it gives you joy.

Books for sale at Dollar Tree

There will of course come a time when even the staunchest of bibliophiles must manage his or her budget.  One can ill-afford buying new hardcovers at even 30% off the publisher’s price at their local bookstore.  Even some used bookstores have some premium prices at times.  What can one do when one has a book buying habit to satisfy?


Here are three places that you might not have thought about: the Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army thrift shops.  The Dollar Tree offers new hard and softcover books for, you guessed it, $1 dollar.  It’s hit-and-miss, sometimes they have something, and sometimes they do not.  You can liken it to shopping at TJ Maxx, a sort of treasure hunt.  These are new books too, maybe overstock from publishers or bookstores, and they are the retail versions and not book club versions of books.  At least that is what I think and have experienced.


Salvation Army Thrift Shop book haul

Then there is the Salvation Army store, I picked up the books above for a total of $2.94 dollars WITH tax!!!  The paperbacks were 39 cents and the hardcover 74 cents.  That’s a steal in my book.  Goodwill stores are also wonderful places to pick up books, their prices range a bit, but I’ve found books ranging from $1.99 to $5.99 dollars.  What I like about the Salvation Army and Goodwill is also the treasure hunt feeling that you get, especially from donated books.  Sometimes I find personalized bookmarks in the pages, or messages inscribed, dedications, even authors’ signatures.  If somebody had an estate sale that didn’t work out, you can sometimes see that reflected in the book donations with a whole collection of classics being sold together.  I’ve never walked out of a Salvation Army or Goodwill store empty handed.  Even better, I’ve never walked out of one broke.


Happy book collecting my fellow bibliophiles, and don’t forget to read what you buy!  Yeah, right…

4 thoughts on “Cheap reads… Surprising places to buy books on a budget!

  1. Another great place is ThriftBooks.com. They’re a little pricier than the ones above, but shipping is free over $10 and the books are usually in great condition. I use it as a place to get textbooks for class, as well as replacement books if one of my goes missing. Most books are $4, which isn’t a bad deal, and they usually have great sales and you get a $5 coupon for every $50 you spend on the site.

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