16422733_10154728730485339_1711581012349097472_o (1)My name is John Weibull and I’ve been blogging for over a decade on a variety of platforms and sites. In fact, I can’t even remember some of the blog names and sites I’ve used and been on. I was always a spur of the moment kind of blogger. I got inspired, I created a blog¬†and wrote a couple of entries, only to abandon the blog when I got bored or time constraints caught up with me.

Recently, I caught the blogging bug once again. I want to get back into the game after a hiatus. But this time it will be different. Instead of using some pseudonym or catchy username, I’m going to use my given name. I’m going to stand by what I write¬†because this blog is going to be about real life. It’s going to be about my life, the highs and the lows, the good and the bad. It will be about things I see and experience. It will be about my thoughts and opinions; minute details and grand essays. I’m an autodidact engaged in continual self-improvement, enlightenment and the pursuit of knowledge and attainment of wisdom. I believe you can learn a lot about life from the experiences of others, this is why I’m a voracious reader, and this blog will be heavy on content that I glean from readings I’ve devoured.

I want to personally thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will join me on this journey through life. Don’t forget to live, love, and read!

– John Weibull

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